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Alternatives to Diamond Rings

Alternatives to diamond rings is a very hard choice. As Belle of the Ball, you want to have the best looking ring possible ... but you also understand that your budget needs to be watched. Sometimes, it just isn't practical to spend the thousands of dollars on a ring when you want a house. Also, some women just don't like diamonds. If you are such a lady, you should get what you want - something different. Hence, we have listed many of the popular alternatives to diamond rings. Consider some alternatives:

  • Stones that look similar to diamond include: Moissanite (shown below), Zircon (a natural stone), white sapphire or Cubic Zirconia (CZ). My favorite of these is moissanite.
  • Consider precious colored stones with a boldness: such as an emerald, ruby, or sapphire. In Asia, a ruby stone is relatively commonly used in engagement rings as it is a symbol of love. Emerald is also widely used in an emerald engagement ring as they believe it encourages flexibility and understanding.
  • Aquamarine Engagement Ring - an affordable beautiful light blue stone symbolizing love
  • Simple Wedding Bands - Use no stone, often a simple band will be wonderful

If you are wanting an alternative to a diamond ring that looks similar to a real diamond, I recommend Moissanite as a cost effective, beautiful alternative to diamonds. It looks slightly bettter than diamond without looking like paste. It sparkles, shines and is durable. And is down right gorgeous. If you exercise restraint and buy a ring that looks like it would be affordable if it were to be a diamond, people won't notice the difference. (Yes, Moissanite looks REAL.) See a nice selection of moissanite engagement rings below.

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